Hotel Management

Heading towards nonstop success and towards a tough drive to become the best. We strive to meet customers’ demands, adapt to changing market outlook and prospect and are continuously changing the perception of service.
We help develop realistic goals for your properties and put them into practice.
We will analyze the market and create an effective business plan.

Arura will provide detailed and imaginative marketing plans and suggestions on capital improvements where appropriate. Periodic reports on progress will be provided to ensure achieving the set goals and point out any areas requiring improvements.
We are committed to carry out physical maintenance and capital improvements.

Staff will become efficient and highly motivated since we will offer talent management and proven human capital management techniques that encourage a sense of belonging to the brand.

Arura improves your hotel’s profitability by passing on the full discounts and special deals we achieve through our volume purchasing capabilities.
Sales will be optimized through a professional and planned sales strategy. As for marketing, Arura will ensure that comprehensive plans are often drafted, and realistic goals are set.

Arura offers access to dynamic marketing tools, where you can enjoy affordable, realistic fees that include a base management fee, an incentive management fee, term lengths and cancellation clauses designed to suit your budget and needs.

Resort Management

Arura Hotel as a resort management company strives for business excellence by focusing on constantly achieving success and growth. The resort Arura manages will be constantly improving and ahead of its competition. We provide personalized hospitality management services, tailored to the individual requirements of each and every property,

  • Revenue Management
  • Pre-Opening Planning
  • Concept Development
  • Yield Strategies
  • Finance & Asset Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Operations Management